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News : Intute directory will be “down” starting August 2010

16 Dec

One of the key sources we were introduced to as students in first-year information science is the Intute web directory, funded by JISC. With it’s unparrallel credibility (websites are selected by librarians and information professionals) and ever growing suite of side products :

… Intute was a, in my sense, a rising star in quality online information with the added bonus of promoting information literacy online to students.

One of my favourite daily sources is the Resource shelf blog and this post today transmitted the info that JISC would abandon further funding for Intute and that, starting August 2010, the site would remain online but with minimal maintenance. The reasons JISC gave were that their policy was to develop websites and resources that could develop sustainable funding on their own. So is there any institution willing and capable of pursuing the Intute project?

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