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Closure of the corner

28 May

After much thinking (and working), I will be closing this blog in couple of weeks. I have realized that with the myriad of subjects I have been trying to cover that I lost myself in what I really wanted to write about. This blog started out as a hybrid from a library school project, I fine-tuned it thinking that I could swim in the vast ocean of librarian blogs and keep my head above the water.
Unfortunately, my career as a librarian has taken a twist and I find I haven’t got the time or the energy to write about “just” libraries and archives. The subject is too vast for me to cover in just a couple of blog posts.
Have no fear, I have plenty of writing projects coming up that will encompass libraries and archives mission statements, I will leave the “Corner” online until the launch of my new project.

Stay tuned for more discoveries, treasures and promotion of our beloved libraries!

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