French-Canadian 2.0

(or how to label yourself in the geekiest manner)

My name is Marylene Goulet, I am 36 and presently live in Geneva, Switzerland. I’m a information professional, or more aptly named : a modern-geeky librarian. I graduated in 2010 in Information Science at the Geneva School of Business Administration.

Why 2.0 might you ask yourselves? Because I know no boundaries or frontiers, because I like to share my knowledge and my passions and because I am inspired, daily, by what we can build with these new technologies.

So how did it come to this? After 25 years spent in “La Belle Province”, namely Quebec, I packed my bags and decided to tackle the challenge of living in Europe. After coming to France ten years ago, I have developed many skills and abilities throughout my various employments.

I lived in Lyon for 3 years, mainly working as an “commis de cuisine” in one of the city’s little “bouchon” before starting an exciting eighteen months in the oldest music and comic bookstore in France : Bouldingue. With its treasures of vinyls, classical music, 78 blues rpm and comic book collection, I endeavored to compile all these items in an online catalogue for electronic sales. Ambitious challenge as both locations counted above 200.000 items so it was clearly not in a lifetime that I would achieve this.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed tremendously working with my colleagues in this exciting atmosphere where I discovered amazing music and made my first steps as a web designer and database administrator.

In 2003, I left for Switzerland where I lived in the superb town of Leysin for two years as a waitress in family-owned restaurant. My clients were mainly English-speaking and, apart from the heat of Fridays and Saturdays, I hold the fondest memories of my customers, the students from the Leysin American School.

As of 2005, I decided to move back down the hill to the small but vibrant city of Geneva, pearl of the Lake. There I made a life-changing decision to go back to university and take on the challenge of accomplishing a Bachelor of Science in Information Science in the Geneva School of Business Administration. As I was getting close to the end of my studies, I decided to remain consistent with the 2.0 label and have decide to write my thesis on virtual access to printed and digital archives for a Scottish institution. I have since moved on to business intelligence consultancy, temporary contracts as a school library administrator and mainly writing/blogging about technology, the web, books and all sorts of geeky subjects.

So is it a surprise that my professional interests focus primarily on Web 2.0 and libraries, information technology and semantic web? Why am I so passionate about it? ; I have learned in the last months, from teachers and mentors, the main goal is to meet our patrons where they are and not make them come to us. I truly believe in making this workable and inspiring. I’m hoping to concentrate my efforts and my knowledge on developing useful web-based applications for libraries and archival institutions in the near future.

Contact me : mgoulet25 [at] gmail [dot] com

Updated on August 10th, 2012